Let’s Talk Culture!
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In September 2010, T2’s founder Matt Sattler embarked upon a journey to understand what allows great organizations to stand so far above the rest. After interviewing executives from top companies around the world, Matt arrived at the idea that organizations which empower people (guests, employees, suppliers and investors) to be productive and passionate about their work, are typically those that generate the best bottom-line results. As Matt finalizes this study, he hopes to publish his findings in which he will outline key fundamental strategies that allow culture to grow and thrive in businesses of any size.
A Few Basic Questions*
Why do patrons love company x? What do you do better or differently? 
Does culture simply fall into place, or is great culture something that an organization can consciously decide to create? 
Are there skills associated with the development of such a culture and attitude? If so, what are they?
In the words of Matt Sattler:
One might argue that this project is specifically for personal gain. In many ways, they are correct. I have been afforded several incredible opportunities to meet amazing individuals that continue to find innovative ways to change the world. I must also admit that I am motivated by the idea of learning from others, and applying their knowledge and wisdom toward entrepreneurial ventures in my own future. Overall, I feel that the knowledge that I am gaining from this project is far too valuable to be limited to my personal realm of information. Above all else, this was my primary reason for creating a book: to create a vehicle in which I can share what I learn with others in a similar position. That is to say, those entrepreneurs that are willing and ready to take the plunge and change the world through innovation.
Organizations Interviewed for this Project:

T2’s Founder Matt Sattler with The Freedom Writers Foundation founder Erin Gruwell, March 2011.

JetBlue Airways
Stay Tuned for Many More to Come!

While several questions were tailored to the specific organization in which we were interviewing, we did ask several basic questions during every interview.

Young Americans Bank
Blackstone Group
The Cranky Flier
The Trump Marketing Network
Freedom Writers Foundation
The Daniels Fund
Zappos Inc.